Selected writings on LeFanu and her work:

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Articles on LeFanu can be found in the standard reference works, including Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians, The New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers and Who’s Who.

Review articles on LeFanu’s music have appeared in The Musical Times, Tempo, Opera, and other journals.

LeFanu’s music has been the subject of student dissertations, including:
• Dawson, Eleanor, (1991), Queen’s University Belfast
• Dawson, Eleanor, (1991), Queen’s University Belfast
• Keeling, Andrew (1993), Liverpool University
• Twite, Katherine (1998) Cartmel College, Lancaster University.

Nicola LeFanu has published widely: on contemporary music, on music in education and teaching composition, on issues concerning composers and on issues concerning ‘equal opportunities’ and women composers. She has also been a regular broadcaster and public speaker on these and other topics.

She has published articles on her own music, on her mother, Elizabeth Maconchy, and on David Lumsdaine.

A selection of these appears here.

On her own music:
A Composer’s half-century (2018)
How my Music is made (2006)
Light Passing and its Genesis (2004)
The Wildman – an afterword (1995)
A personal statement (1993)

On Elizabeth Maconchy:
EVM: a biography (2007)

On David Lumsdaine:
David Lumsdaine: a biography (1991)
Metaphors of Modality (2004)

On ‘thinking in music’ and composition as research:
tantôt libre, tantôt recherché; imagination and research in musical composition (UEA Arthur Batchelor lecture, 2000)

On Women Composers:
Reclaiming the Muse: Discovering Music Composed by Women (2009)
Master Musician: an Impregnable Taboo? (1987)